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About Allen Peters MD

About Redondo Beach, CA

Dr Peters has passion for empowering his clients to achieve optimal health through his comprehensive medical and lifestyle programs.

After graduating from UC Berkeley and USC Medical School, Dr. Peters medical experience has included acting state epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease Control & Chief of Emergency Medicine for Kaiser Permanente South Bay Medical Center.

After 30 years of working in Emergency Medicine, Dr. Peters began showing signs of low energy, muscle weakness, reduced libido and depression. Upon leaving the ER and seeking to regain his own health, he discovered he was in Andropause (the gradual decline of hormone levels in men). His colleagues wanted to treat him with Prozac. After 2 days on meds, he KNEW he had to find a different way!

So instead, he attended Healthy Aging medical seminars and signed up for a medical evaluation with Cenegenics Medical Institute- a Life-Changing decision! He became a patient of Jeff Life MD and through his support in diet, lifestyle and natural hormone replacement therapy, Dr. Peters is now a walking advertisement for the benefits of his Nourishing Wellness Health program.

As an advocate for preventative medicine, he has studied and trained with nationally recognized hormone and lifestyle medicine experts and with institutions including The American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine, The American College of Lifestyle Medicine and Cenegenics Medical Institute where he became certified in Age Management Medicine. As a Certified Massage Therapist and Certified Wellness Coach with the American College of Sports Medicine, he supports his clients to achieve greater balance and joy in their lifestyle. As a researcher and author, his articles have appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association & other peer review journals. Dr Peters is the author of Nourishing Wellness: A Path to Wholistic Wellness Wealth.

Dr. Peters believes that with the honor of being a Doctor, comes with it a deeper dedication to improve the health and well being of his community. He is an active member of Rotary International in Redondo Beach, CA.

Today, he is 75 years young. In his words “I feel the best overall I've felt in my entire life. And I'm deeply grateful to have been able to help so many others achieve their health goals. It would be my privilege to help you feel your best, too.”